Противопожарные учения на БТЭЦ Occupational safety, industrial traumatism and professional disease rate.

The Company’s policy in the field of the occupational safety is aimed to improve working conditions, prevent industrial traumatism and occupational diseases. The work in this sphere is held according to the state normative requirements of occupational safety, labor legislation and normative legal acts containing the norms of the labor law.

The total charges of the Company to ensure safe conditions and occupational safety in 2014 were RUR 76.9 mn.

The main constant lines of the Company’s activity in the field of maintenance of safe conditions and labor safety are:

1. Provision of safety of employees when maintaining buildings, structures, equipment, implementation of industrial (technological) processes, and tools and materials applied in the production process, including:
- implementation of inspections (internal control) of production units as regards condition of occupational safety, fire and industrial safety (holding of OS and FS Days, visiting rounds and surveys of workplaces, etc.);
- cooperation with the governmental supervising authorities concerning observance of the labor legislation and occupational safety, fire safety, safe operation of equipment, buildings and structures (performance of instructions, scheduled work (registration, survey, permits to commission), etc.);
- cooperation with contracting organizations as regards maintenance of safe conditions of performance of works in new construction, retooling and reconstruction, modernization, repair and maintenance service;
- development and revision of industrial instructions, instructions on occupational safety and fire safety, holding of all kinds of instructing, emergency prevention and fire-prevention trainings;
- organization of holding tests of tools and devices, protection equipment; - purchase of posters and safety signs, traffic signs, plans (posters) of evacuation and agitation products.

2. Training and performance appraisal of personnel, including:
- training of employees in safe methods and ways of performance of works, first-aid treatment of an industrial victim;
- holding of onsite training, training in substitutability;
- special training (study of reviews of accidents and technological breaks, study of the changes made to technological schemes and equipment, acquaintance with executive documents, analysis of deviations of a technological process, training with use of simulators);
- additional vocational training and improvement of professional skills;
- examination of requirements of instructions, effective standards and rules.

3. Provision of employees with protection equipment, tools and facilities, including:
- special clothes, special footwear and other individual protection equipment, including protection against thermal risks of electric arc;
- electrical safety devices, special tools and facilities, equipment of collective protection;
- provision with washing agents and detergents.

4. Holding of sanitary and hygienic actions, including:
- holding of preliminary and periodic medical surveys;
- purchase of first-aid sets;
- maintenance of first-aid posts, holding of vaccination of personnel;
- holding of pre-trip physical examinations;
- provision of respective personnel with treatment and prophylactic food.

5. Improvement of the general working conditions and implementation of actions aimed to reduce the level of traumas, including:
- holding of performance appraisal of workplaces;
- holding of repairs of amenities, premises of catering places, premises of workplaces of operations personnel;
- equipment of workplaces with climatic equipment;
- purchase of electrical household appliances (refrigerators, teapots, stoves, etc.);
- provision of personnel with potable water.


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