Main lines in the human resources policy.

The human resources policy of the Company is aimed to provide the enterprise with qualified personnel timely, and to create conditions for effective development and use of human resources. The Company is focused on establishment of long labor relations with each employee, which are based on observance of requirements of labor legislation and enable the employee completely to put into practice the available level of professional competence.

One of the main tasks in the work with the personnel is to increase the level of professionalism of employees. For this purpose, the Company, first of all, applies the system of continuous training of the employee throughout the period of his/her labor activities. The work in this line is carried out according to the Regulation on Vocational Training of Personnel approved in the Company. Secondly, competitions for professional skills of operations personnel of power plants of JSC “Quadra - Power Generation” are held. They are held not only to define the professional level, but also check up readiness of energy specialists for elimination of emergencies. In 2013, the most mass actions included the competition for the best fire safety state of production subdivisions, in which the 1st nomination – “Enterprise with the excellent fire safety state of the year 2013 among electric plants” was awarded to PS “Gubkin HPP”, the 2nd nomination – to the boiler room “Western” of the PS “Belgorod HPP” of the branch “Southern Generation”. The winner in the competition “The best person authorized in the field of fire safety” was the employee of PS “Belgorod HPP” as well. Within the framework of preparation of the Company operating personnel, the team of employees of the Eastern Generation participated in the All-Russia Competitions of the Operating Personnel of cross connection HPP.

The priority line in training of the personnel is work with young specialists which includes development of individual plans of training for the purpose of faster adaptation at the enterprise and involvement of young promising specialists in the production process. To implement this, the branches allocate places to pass industrial and pre-degree practice by the students of local higher educational institutions and colleges. More than 255 students of higher educational and secondary educational institutions passed practice in the production process in the reporting year. Active profession-orientation work is held with pupils of colleges, pupils of schools, students and includes acquaintance with production units of the Company. 1,131 people took part in the excursions to the production units of the Company.

As one of kinds of the personnel motivation, the Company widely uses granting of departmental awards to employees for professionalism, conscientious attitude to work and devotion to the profession they have chosen. In 2013, more than 1,135 employees were given various awards, including 40 people were awarded by the Energy Industry Ministry of the Russian Federation, including one employee was granted the honorary title “Honored Energy Specialist”, 176 employees received internal awards of the Company – the honorary title “Deserved Employee of JSC “Quadra - Power Generation”, placement of names on the Board of Honor of JSC “Quadra - Power Generation”, Certificate of Honor and Gratitude of JSC “Quadra - Power Generation”. The rest of employees received awards of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation at the place of branches seat, as well as branches’ awards.

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