Share capital structure

диаграмма акционерный капитал ноя 2016 eng.png

Notice: % from stated capital

The charter capital of JSC “Quadra - Power Generation” equals 19,877,785,165 rubles and 97 kopecks.


- Ordinary registered uncertificated shares: 1,912,505,577,759 pieces

- Preferred registered uncertificated shares: 75,272,938,838 pieces

Par value of each ordinary and preferred share:
0.01 ruble

State registration numberTicker on the stock exchange CJSC “MICEX SE”Quotation listTrade commencement date
Ordinary shares1-01-43069-A TGKDsecond-level2 March 2007
Preferred shares2-01-43069-A TGKDPthird-level27 March 2007