Depositary receipts

In 2008, the Company concluded the Depositary Agreement with The Bank of New York Mellon (hereinafter referred to as the "Depositary Bank") which stipulates issue of global depositary receipts (GDR) for the Company's shares according to the plan of the closing stage of reorganization of JSC RAO "UES of Russia".

GDR of the Company were issued by the Depositary Bank according to Rule 144А and Regulation S on the sponsored basis in the number of 2 236 651 pieces. Currently the amount of depositary receipts trading is 151 495 pieces, 97 793 depositary receipts under Regulation S trading at OTC market and 53 792 under 144A trading on PORTAL.

Distribution of the Company's GDR among holders of receipts of JSC RAO "UES of Russia" was completed at the beginning of June 2008.

Holders of Depositary receipts (DR) on shares of Russian companies are required to disclose information about beneficial owners to receive tax benefits in process of payment of dividends and voting at shareholder meetings