Provision of copies of the Company’s documents

According to Section 91, Federal Law #208-FZ of the Russian Federation dated 26.12.1995 “On Joint-Stock Companies”, the Company is obliged to provide its shareholders with access to the documents stipulated by clause 1 Section 89 of this law.

Access to documents (delivery of documents copies) is performed after laying a respective claim in writing in any form addressed to the General Director of PJSC Quadra – Power Generation.

The following documents are to be appended to the claim:

  • for a legal entity: certificates assigning PSRN (primary state registration number) and TIN (taxpayers identification number) attested by the legal entity, and the document confirming the powers of the person, who signed the claims on provision of documents copies (the document confirming appointment for a position of the person entitled to act on behalf of the legal entity without a power of attorney, (a copy attested by the legal entity), power of attorney (original/notarized copy));
  • for an individual: a copy of the passport.

Bank details of the settlement account of PJSC Quadra Power Generation for payment of expenses related with copying of the documents which shall be provided to the owners of PJSC Quadra Power Generations securities and other interested parties according to the Russian Federation laws:

Payee: PJSC Quadra Power Generation
TIN (taxpayers identification number) 6829012680
RRC (registration reason code) 997450001
settlement account 40702810000040002000 with the branch of GPB (JSC) Srednerusskiy,
correspondent account 30101810700000000716,
RCBIC (Russian Central Bank identification code) 047003716.

Payment for documents copying is performed on the basis of the invoice issued by PJSC Quadra Power Generation.

Amount of expenses related with documents copying for 1 page A4 is RUR 3.15 (three rubles and fifteen kopecks), including VAT of 18%.

When a representative of the person who laid a claim receives the required documents, this representative should show his/her passport and power of attorney (original/ notarized copy) to the Companys employee in order to receive the required documents.

Should you have any questions related with provision of documents copies and payment, please apply to the Corporate and Property Relations Administration of PJSC Quadra Power Generation by phone: (495) 739 73 33 (ext. 44-11).

Postal address: 300012, Russian Federation, Tula Region, Tula, Timiryazeva Street, 99v