12 May 2017

Main Building of GSU-115 MW at Alexin HPP of PJSC “Quadra - Power Generation” is Ready to Install Electric Engineering Equipment

Главный корпус ПГУ 115 МВт Алексинской ТЭЦ.JPG

“Quadra – Power Generation” completes preparation of electric engineering rooms of the main building of GSU-115 MW of Alexin HPP for equipment installation. This was reported by Andrey Ryabykh, managing director of the branch “Central Generation.”

For today, all finishing works of these rooms have been completed; the ventilation system is in the process of installation; the floors are covered with antistatic covering – it ensures absence of electric discharge capable of disturbing the electronic equipment operation.

Andrey Ryabykh has also stressed that now works of installing auxiliary equipment in the steam turbine unit continue in the GSU main building. Discharge and drainage pipelines are laid in the compartment of the waste heat boilers; besides, the hanger support system of pipelines within the boilers is installed. Boiler water and steam sample collection is arranged.

Plates have been installed at chimney pipes (to exclude ingress of atmospheric precipitation into waste heat boilers), and two noise suppressors have been mounted in the blowoff line (to reduce the noise level when steam is discharged).


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