11 August 2016

“Quadra - Power Generation” Continues to Implement Plan to Raise Financing and Construct CSA Facilities

The company “Quadra - Power Generation” continues to implement the plan of strategic actions for 2016, one of the main lines of which is to raise financing and continue construction of CSA facilities. This was reported during an extended meeting of the managing directors of the company’s branches in the speeches of the representatives of the company’s head office.

The meeting of the management of energy companies and regional branches under the chairmanship of Yury Pimonov, Director General of “Quadra - Power Generation” has been held today in Tula (the branch of PJSC “Quadra - Power Generation” – “Central Generation”).
The meeting participants reviewed the current issues of the implementation of the Business Plan of PJSC “Quadra - Power Generation”, progress of the repair campaign, and current production figures. They also discussed issues of cooperation with the regional and municipal authorities.

To date, the management of PJSC “Quadra - Power Generation” has negotiated with the authorities of the Voronezh, Orel, Lipetsk, Belgorod, Tambov, Smolensk and other regions. The cooperation agreement has been signed with the Belgorod region; agreements with the administration of Tambov are under consideration now.

Within the framework of the meeting, the managing directors reported on the progress of the repair campaign in the regions, priorities of the branches for 2016-2017, and up to 2019.

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