2 August 2016

“Quadra - Power Generation” Invests over RUR 156 mn in Belgorod Grids Retooling

“Belgorod Generation” – the branch of PJSC “Quadra - Power Generation”, during the summer repair campaign, will replace more than 8 km of heating systems and hot water supply lines (in terms of one-pipe length equivalent) in Belgorod. The company will invest over RUR 156 mn for this purpose. Today, a timely diagnostics of heating grid has been conducted, the results of which have defined the pipeline sections to be replaced.

"The thermal grids on the balance of the Belgorod branch of PJSC “Quadra –Power Generation” are almost 30% worn-out and require phased replacement. This year, we are implementing large-scale projects of modernization and replacement of heating and hot water pipelines with the use of modern materials. These projects will ensure reliable heat supply to consumers during the heating season," said Mikhail Chefranov, managing director of “Belgorod Generation” – the branch of PJSC “Quadra – Power Generation”.

Currently, heating mains in the vicinity of the Botanical Garden of BelGU (in the regional center) have been reconstructed in connection with the removal of the heating system from the area of the road junction. Works are held in the areas of heating networks located in the streets N. Chumichova, Gorkogo, Kostyukova, Semashko, Yunosti Boulevard, and in the territory of the regional hospital. Thermal power engineers here changed dilapidated pipes by new ones, increased the diameter of pipe lines and altered the layout and structure of grids thermal insulation, where necessary.

One of the biggest sites of reconstruction is the heating system in N.Chumichova street. It stipulates replacement of more than 1 km of pipes (in terms of one-pipe length equivalent) and diameter increase. Pipes in polyurethane insulation are used here: they prevent external corrosion of metal. Thanks to a special coating, which is applied directly by the manufacturer, the lifetime of pipelines is increased to 30 years.

In the near future, heating systems will be replaced in Apanasenko, Gostenskoy streets and in the territory of the first municipal hospital. Reconstruction and site improvement of heating networks located under the roads are to be completed before 1 September, as to the other ones – before 1 October 2016.

"Belgorod Generation" – the branch of PJSC “Quadra - Power Generation” will replace totally 18.3 km of heating systems and hot water supply networks in terms of one-pipe length equivalent in the territory of the region for the amount of more than RUR 200 mn.


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