Law to fight with DEBTS (Quadra Energy, #02 (111), February 2015)>>

One of the topical and systemic problems in the field of heat supply that needs to be addressed today is the imperfection of the legislation base, which entails, among other things, accounts receivable growth. The situation is also aggravated by the developing crisis in the country, and generators are seriously worried about the further growth of consumer debts. Possible solutions to this problem are being actively discussed by the market participants at different industrial sites and at the legislative level, and JSC "Quadra Power Generation" is among their participants.

Lean MANUFACTURING ("Quadra Energy", # 01 (110), January 2015)>>

The market objectively encourages companies to reduce costs and improve efficiency in order to develop and always be better than rivals. In times of crisis, the topic is of particular relevance. The concept of lean manufacturing is a tool that definitely helps to do it. The main value of this concept is that its methodology allows to control big expenses and level them using the means simple enough. The new program in JSC "Quadra - Power Generation" was launched in October of the last year. Marina ANTYUFEYEVA, adviser to Director General told our newspaper about the principles and tools of lean manufacturing, as well as the first results of the activities held.

HEAT REFORMATION (Interview with J.V. Basova, Magazine Profile, #12, 31 March 2014) >>

Russian energy market expects major changes. Its members make no secret that changes escalated long ago, and especially in the heating sector. Julia Basova, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of JSC "Quadra Power Generation", executive director of the Group ONEXIM told the reporter of "Profile" how and when the industry would begin to live under new, clear and transparent rules.

V.V. SHELKOV: HEAT SUPPLY: TIME OF CHANGES! (Interview to the newspaper "Quadra Energy Industry", #1, 2014)>>

The year 2013 for JSC "Quadra - Power Generation" was a challenging but important step in the development of the company. We asked Vladimir Shelkov, Director General of JSC "Quadra - Power Generation" to sum up the company performance in 2013 and dwell on the plans for the future.

Logical approach (interview with Eduard Shpakovsky, the First Deputy General Director of JSC Quadra - Power Generation)>>

In this issue, we present to our readers the actual interview with Eduard Shpakovsky, the First Deputy General Director of JSC "Quadra - Power Generation". Eduard told us about the main issues of the activities supervised by him, processes affecting the production efficiency of the company, as well as the development priorities of JSC "Quadra - Power Generation" for the next year.

Vladimir Shelkov, General Director of JSC Quadra Power Generation: Investors will not appear in the Russian heat sector without clear mechanisms of return on their investments>>

The heat supply sector today in Russia remains among the most problematic ones. Generating companies themselves admit that they are strongly pressed by the need for uninterrupted heat supply, and, at the same time, the need for speedy retooling of grids and equipment, which have a high degree of deterioration, as well lack of funds for this. Vladimir Shelkov, General Director of JSC Quadra Power Generation (the company operates in 11 regions of the Central Federal District) told why it is not possible yet to attract investors to the Russian heat energy business, why RAB-regulation does not work in the sector and how to solve this situation without a huge burden on consumers.

Energy-efficient modernization>>

Improvement of reliability of energy facilities operation, modernization and implementation of new technologies in heat and electricity production remain one of the priority tasks of the company Quadra - Power Generation. The interview with Vyacheslav Kostin, chief engineer of JSC Quadra - Power Generation will clarify how the energy facilities retooling and reconstruction program is implemented by one of the largest generating companies of the Center of Russia.

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