The retooling, reconstruction and development program (RRDP) of JSC “Quadra - Power Generation” is aimed to improve reliability of energy equipment, ensure security and efficiency of production, improve quality of power supply for consumers, increase heat and electricity supply, improve working conditions for personnel.

ТПиРAs to the Company’s generating facilities, the main actions of the retooling and reconstruction program are related with prolongation of the resource of the existing competitive plants, removal of technological constraints as to delivery of electricity and capacity, decrease in specific charges of fuel, decrease in consumption for own needs.

The thermal grid facilities go through the program of modernization of old boilers, provision of the necessary reserve of capacities and re-laying of thermal grids for qualitative change of isolation systems, transmission capacity change and enhancement of heat supply reliability. Besides, the Company implements the program of construction of new transportable boiler units replacing inefficient thermal sources.

In 2013, within the framework of the RRD program, JSC “Quadra – Power Generation” held the work related with implementation of energy efficient technologies and carried out actions related with reduction in harmful influence on the environment. RUR 11.2 mn were assigned for these purposes last year.

Nearby 32% of investments within the framework of the investment program of branches were spent on reconstruction of the heat grid complex of the Company. Over 45.7 km of old heat grids were replaced (in terms of one-pipe length equivalent) using modern insulation materials, including in the branches of JSC “Quadra – Power Generation” – 11.9 km, in SDEs of JSC “Quadra – Power Generation” – 33.8 km.

The largest projects include reconstruction of the gas facilities of boilers in the Central Generation, Voronezh RG and Western Generation, construction of sites of district heat grids and heat grid along Gaiterovoy Street, Elets, installation of hydraulic coupling at the feeding pump of energy unit #2 at the Orel HPP, reconstruction of heat grids along Nedelina Street, Lipetsk, reconstruction of fuel supply of the Kursk HPP-1, reconstruction of GTU-1 GT-HPP “Luch” using modernized units and details.

Construction of a number of facilities was completed within the framework of the program as well, which enabled the Company raise reliability of the heat power complex operation in the attended regions.


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